Osaka Pro Tour LTD Control Padel Racquet

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The Pro Tour Limited range is constructed using 18K triaxial carbon. This is the most advanced type of carbon available today. Triaxial carbon is also a spread tow fabric but is woven in 3 directions instead of 2 like regular carbon weaves. The benefit offered by this carbon is that the stresses applied to it are spread more evenly across its surface, giving the player better control at an even better weight.

The Pro Tour LTD Control in Lime is a round-shaped racket ideal for more defensive- and control-oriented players, The central position of the sweet spot creates an intuitive sense of play that will acclimatize you to the racket immediately. Also, the maximized face forgives many lesser-struck balls. This is a great racket for a wide-level range of defensive players. In general, we would recommend this shape to forehand players.

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  • Sand Surface
  • Quantum SpinĀ® System
  • Double-Stage Frame
  • TPU Edge Protection
  • Osaka SnapĀ® Foam
  • 18K Triaxial Carbon
  • 100% Japanese Carbon
  • Balance: Low
  • Level: Professional
  • Shape: Round
  • Profile: 38 mm

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 74 × 32 × 9 cm