Dunlop Galactica Pro Padel Racquet

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Ultimate performance.

Super-premium 12K Carbon construction for maximum consistency and performance in all shots. Tri-Max reinforcement provides stability for increased control and 45º Face lay-up provides exceptional performance for the most advanced players. New injection bumper along the frame for increased durability.

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  • Series: Pro
  • Balance: High
  • Head Shape: Hybrid
  • Thickness / Profile: 38 mm
  • Weight: 370 g
  • Core: Pro Eva
  • Construction: Carbon
  • Maximize your performance: Super-premium high modulus carbon fibre fabric weave incorporated into the bat face construction for optimum consistency & performance.
  • Experience total control: A 360º design delivers optimal structural reinforcement at the base of the blade to give you maximum stability and exceptional control.
  • Put more spin on your shots: Pack a more penetrating punch thanks to a rough finish on the bat’s surface, giving you more spin effect.
  • Play with power, control and comfort: A rubber-impregnated, medium-density EVA combined with a triple-layer face fabric lay-up and Dunlop’s unique resin system.
  • Improved structural strength: Revolutionary and unique horizontal, vertical and diagonal hole pattern to achieve improved structural strength in combination with the 12K carbon face construction.
  • Firmer feel on impact: Modified lay-up of the 12K carbon material applied across the hitting area of the bat to provide additional stiffness for a firmer feel on impact.

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Dimensions 74 × 32 × 9 cm