Gryphon Taboo Bluesteel GXX3 DII Hockey Stick

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The fusion of power and feel.

The innovative manufacturing process has created a combination of a super responsive touch and extreme power. The natural and smooth feel gives you the ultimate control on the ball allowing you to execute at the right time while the lay-up is designed to offer an extraordinary weight & balance.

Boasting that super smooth touch and extreme power this range is that perfect balance of international standard power and polished skills.

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  • Deuce-II: Extra Low Curve – 24.5 mm – 205 mm – Regular Head
  • Lightweight Feel and Lay-up.
  • International Player Specifications.
  • Composition: Carbon, Fiberglass, Aramid.
  • A-Tech Fiber.
  • Supreme Cushion Grip.
  • Carbon Quotient: 95CQ

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 101 × 11 × 15 cm
Hockey Stick Size