Tecnifibre Wall Breaker 365 Padel Racquet

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The WALL BREAKER 365 racquet, dedicated to the high performance player, has been designed with a teardrop shape to provide maximum power without sacrificing control. Its 365g weight makes it the best compromise between maneuverability and stability. The D-Bridge geometry raises the flex point of the racquet to facilitate finishing points, especially on attacking smashes. The headsize is covered with a 3D Spin Skin for maximum spin. PHD hole pattern with 3 different hole diameters to maximise accuracy in the centre and tolerance for off-centre hits at the ends. Unique innovation from Tecnifibre with the racket head designed with “X-TOP” technology, a mix of the strongest aramid fibres covered with a PTFE treatment to limit abrasion. A concentrate of performance and technology.

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