Supertee King Rugby Tee

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Exposed sweet spot.

The teeth of the SUPERTEE King have been individually designed to touch the ball ensuring it effortlessly slides off the tee with minimum friction. The length of the chalice exposes the sweet spot of the ball to improve accuracy.

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  • The SUPERTEE range creates a regular height to kick the ball from
  • The sweet spot of the ball is clearly exposed to the kicker
  • The SUPERTEE range is very light so there is almost no impact on contact
  • A special mix of materials have been incorporated into the design to hold the ball firmly on the tee, yet allowing the ball to slip off easily when the ball is kicked
  • Twin Teeth Technology + Ground Teeth
  • Zero Friction, Ultra Stable, Precision Geometrics
  • Range: Long
  • Height: Extra
  • Throat: Chalice
  • Teeth: Ground
  • Sweet Spot: Exposed



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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 40 × 15 cm