Magneto Portable Power Station 1200W / 999Wh

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Power for peace of mind. In the event of loadshedding or power cuts, the Magneto® 1200W Portable Power Station is the ideal power backup system! As one of our biggest and most premium power stations, it features a high-quality Lithium-ion battery, a wide range of outputs, x2 three prong outlets, a time-remaining counter, built-in LED flashlights, and a rugged ToughGuy exterior. This power station allows for super-fast charging, reliable recharging, and on-the-go emergency power! It also lets you power up multiple household devices at the same time. Simply charge your backup battery via an AC wall outlet, USB-C port, 12V DC car port, or 60W-120W solar panels (not included). You can fully charge this intelligent App-enabled system in 6 hours. Not sure which devices are compatible? This powerful portable power station can charge or power any device that uses less than 1200 Watts of power. *Run and charge times will vary according to the device. However, to provide an approximate estimate: A 7-Watt light bulb will run for 142+ hours, a 100-Watt TV will run for 10 hours, a 30-Watt fan can be operated for 33+ hours, a 10-Watt WiFi router can run for 99+ hours, and a 150-Watt fridge runs for over 6 hours. Recharging your smartphone or laptop is also super easy! A 3400mAh smartphone can be recharged over 79 times, and a 7500mAh laptop can draw 36 recharges. *Please check the operating power of your device or devices before use.

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  • Weighs approximately 10.3kg’s.
  • Portable 1200W/999Wh power supply that is the perfect solution for loadshedding, power failures, home offices and the outdoors!
  • Charge and power up multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Premium Lithium-ion Battery.
  • Built with Rugged ToughGuy Casing.
  • Features CleverCarry Foldable Ergonomic Handle.
  • 1 x USB-C(PD100W) Port, 4 x DC(12V 10A) Ports, 1 x USB-C(PD60W), 2 x USB QuickCharge(18W) Ports and 2 x USB-A Ports.
  • ClearView LCD Display.
  • 2 x LED Spotlights.
  • Multi-Feature Light Panel.
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter for added safety.
  • Charges in 6 hours*.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • *Do not power devices with the Portable Power Station while it is charging.
  • *We do not recommend the usage of an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) device in conjunction with our Portable Power Stations. If you choose to ignore this recommendation, the warranty applied to your Portable Power Station will be rendered null and void.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 39 × 37 × 29 cm