LED Lenser MH7 Rechargeable Headlamp

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Powerful, rechargeable 600-Lumen headlamp.

With the MH7 you can enjoy maximum flexibility and freedom for all outdoor adventures. Thanks to the 600-lumen removable lamp head, it can be used as a headlamp or handheld light. The lithium-ion battery can be charged quickly via magnetic USB – or on longer trips without access to a power source, you can swap out for AA disposable batteries. Get through long nights using the energy saving mode, or choose constant light mode for superior LED power. And the MH7 comes with a battery status indicator and red light to preserve night vision.

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  • It’s easy to wonder if you’re still on the right path when darkness falls on the countryside. With the MH7 you don’t have to worry about this. It provides optimal lighting to keep the path clearly in sight – even up to 600 lumens in boost mode if needed. And thanks to a magnet, the charging cable can be quickly and easily connected to the light. If charging isn’t an option, the MH7 can also be operated with disposable batteries. The battery status indicator always displays how much power is left. That leaves just one question: how much energy do YOU still have?
  • Boost mode: up to 600 lumen output – exactly when you need it.
  • Easy charging of the lithium-ion battery via magnetic USB cable.
  • Two battery types (lithium-ion and AA) combine the benefits of rechargeable and disposable batteries.
  • Innovative Mounting System allows for easy placement and removal of the lamp for maximum flexibility.
  • Smooth pivoting mechanism for aligning the light beam, with accuracy down to the millimetre.

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