Adidas Multigame Padel Racquet Bag

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The Multigame bags cover all your needs for carrying your padel equipment and more. The sporty racket bag can hold up to 10 rackets which can be stored in a thermal pocket on either side. Your shoes can be stored in a ventilated compartment – ideal for after you step off court! In addition, you have 4 pockets on the outside of the bag to store personal items and other belongings. These bags also have comfort in mind, and feature the high-quality materials to make them easy to carry.

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  • Capacity: 10 Rackets
  • Format: Paletero
  • Materials: 100% Polyester
  • Dimensions: 56 x 29 cm
  • Collection: 2023
  • Protect your rackets by storing it in the thermal pockets.
  • Store your shoes in a large and ventilated pocket.
  • One thermal and waterproof pocket on each side where you can store your rackets.
  • 4 pockets on the outside of the racket bag where you can store your smallest and most personal accessories.
  • Large compartment to store the things that take up more space.

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