Gilbert Control Rugby Ball Set

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In the most testing games of rugby, players need to be aware of every situation and be ready to react to anything their opponents may throw at them. In order to enhance their ever developing skills, players need new initiatives to test their reactions. Gilbert have worked with some of the best coaches in the game, to design the ultimate catch/pass system to increase player awareness and skill level. Made up of a set of 5 balls, the Control-A-Balls each behave slightly differently. Using these different balls at different times before using a standard ball challenges the player and advances their responsiveness in a match situation. If you are wanting to enhance your performance when it counts, these are exactly what you need to take training to the next level this season. Each of the balls will arrive deflated, so they will need to be inflated to 9-10psi for optimum performance. The unstable ball will then also need the water added, you will recieve a guide on how to do this.

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