Brabo TC-50 Black Edition Low Bow Indoor Hockey Stick

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The Brabo TC-50 Low Bow hockey stick is part of the Brabo Tribute Series. With it’s advanced 2-channel technology, the TC-50 offers a revolutionary construction that ensures more torsional rigidity and an improved trampoline effect, resulting in extra power. In addition to the 2-Channel technology, the 50% carbon content ensures a powerful performance on the field. With it’s characteristic Low Bow Curve (low curvature), the stick is ideal for players who strive for maximum control and push performance. The low curvature supports the use of the ball on the ground and makes it easier to perform technical skills such as lifts, scoop movements and pushes. Whether you like accurate technology or powerful strokes, the BROBO TC-50 LB guarantees excellent performance and maximum versatility. Let your game flourish with this high-quality hockey stick from the Brabo Tribute Series.

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  • Serie: Brabo TC-5
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Composite
  • Target audience: Senior
  • Curve: Low Bow
  • Model: Tribute Series
  • Construction: 50% Carbon
  • Grip: PU grip
  • Curl: Maxi
  • Curve location: 240mm
  • Sport: Hockey
  • Surface: Field

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 101 × 11 × 15 cm
Hockey Stick Size